The Yoga Teacher - Losing your Way

Khalīl Gibrān was a Lebanese-American writer and poet. He lived in Lebanon between 1883 and 1931. He has written that once he was roaming from village to village, promising to show God to people if they followed him. Nobody ever followed him so no trouble ever arose. The villagers told him to come again as they were then very busy with other things. The crop was ripe and ready for harvesting, so he should come again after some time. When he visited them again, they said, ”The crops are not good this year; there is scarcity and we are in difficulty. Please come next year.” He continued to visit villages. He was not in a hurry to persuade anyone to follow him, but one impetuous man from a village decided to follow him. When Gibran said, ”Follow me if you wish to see God,” that man threw away his axe and said, ”I am following you!”

Gibran became nervous. Then he thought, ”How long will he follow me? In a week or two he will get tired and will leave me.” But the villager continued to follow him.

One year passed. The man said, ”I shall follow you wherever you lead me.” Two years passed and Gibran became more nervous. He tried to avoid his follower, but the man always stood behind him, saying, ”I am prepared to follow you wherever you lead me. I shall abide by whatever you ask me to do.”

Six years passed in this way. Then one day the man took Gibran by the neck and said, ”You have taken a long time, now show me God. Where do you wish to go now?”

The guru said, ”Please pardon me; I have even lost my own way in your good company. I myself have lost my way since you followed me. Before you began to follow me, my road was quite clear for me. Everything was clearly visible. I was near the destination, God was in front of me. What a calamity that I let you join me! Now I too have lost my way. So, please leave me and go your own way."

The above is excerpted from a book I own that has no cover and many missing pages. It's a fascinating book. I won't tell you what I think of what is written above. I want you to interpret this for yourself.

You will find meaning in this story that will help along your yoga journey.

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