The Mythology behind Archers Pose

Long ago a demon named Taraka, who was proud of his invincible might, was causing much havoc and terror in the world. Whatever he wanted he took by force. Taraka blessed the wicked and killed the virtuous. Even the kings where afraid of him because many years before Taraka turned evil, Taraka had received a divine gift that Shiva's son alone would be capable of killing him. This was during the time when Parvati, the future wife of Shiva, was performing penance praying that Shiva would awaken from his years of meditation and notice her. Indra the king of the heavens also became desperate to awaken Shiva. Indra was convinced that soon the demon Taraka would overthrow the heavens. Indra knew th

Anatomy in Yoga?

I appreciate that at times anatomy and applying anatomy to yoga can be confusing and at times unnecessary. I have seen people with little to no knowledge of anatomy flourish in their asana practice. In fact the individuals who I feel have furthered their asana practice more than anyone else, progressed without any anatomy knowledge at all. They progressed with only a book (Light on Yoga - B.K.S Iyengar) and a steadfast willingness to improve. However, there are some of us who with our various injuries, need to apply some anatomical understanding to our poses. Because if we don't, we are likely to reinjure or just not progress. And progress is what we are constantly striving for in our asana

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