Yoga - Madness or Meditation?

The following is the preface for my book; 'Yoga - Madness or Meditation'. It is available now via Amazon on paperback and kindle. BUY here. Working on the design for the book. Prologue I want to thank my wife Laura again for the single defining moment in my ongoing examination of yoga and life itself. Whilst discussing with her the complicated and often contradictory subject of yoga, Laura eloquently quoted her favourite philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, “There are no facts, only interpretations.” This was my moment of enlightenment. Not in the sense that I was now a Buddha. Far from it. Although, since I married, I am starting to look like one. This single moment changed the course of my in

Patanjali's Sutras

The following post is an omitted part of my upcoming book. Please remember, the opinions are mine alone and do not reflect yogic culture. Just like ALL commentaries and interpretations, this is opinion alone. No facts exist. As per my book, this is a discussion between the student and teacher. Student - Before you explain the eight steps that Patanjali has mapped out for us, could you please explain the concept of “non-attachment” that Patanjali talks about? It is incredibly confusing. Earlier in the Yoga Sutras, 1.15, Patanjali also introduces us to the famous “non-attachment” or “vairagya”. Second only to dhyana, I would say the word “vairagya” is the most misunderstood in all of yogic lor

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