Understanding Kundalini

A yogi who denounces life will spend the rest of that life exploring the inner machinations of his being before he is even close to understanding his vast potential. Osho Rajneesh says, “We meditators have to move, shake, and convulse our bodies to wake the snake from its slumber”. The search for your kundalini shakti (dormant energy) is a life long quest that requires the student to give up his body and his attachment to life. You will not experience kundalini awakening in a yoga class. It’s just another gimmick 😊. We should leave it to the meditators. “The word Kundalini generally refers to that dimension of energy, which is yet to realise its potential. There is a huge volume of energy w

The Significance of Shiva

A follow up to an earlier blog about the mythology behind the Tree pose. The river Ganga descended from the heavens to wash away the sins of Bhagiratha’s ancestors. The Ganga would plunge from the heavens and head to planet Earth, but to prevent the destruction of Mother Earth (such was the force of the Ganga), she was held safely by Shiva in his matted locks. Then, the river Ganga was released from Shiva's hair to meet the needs of the country. There is a mythical analogy of Shiva receiving the tumultuous river Ganga in his matted locks, as she flowed down from the higher realms before reaching the earth. Ganga here represents the descent of a river of divine knowledge and grace. If the mat

The Warrior Poses

The Warrior asanas are named after the mythical warrior, Virabhadra. His story is told by Kalidasa, in the epic Sanskrit poem Kumarasambhava, and in the Sri Shiva Lita by Vanamali. The three warrior postures that are derived from it arise from an almighty battle of wills between an arrogant father, Daksha, and his esoteric son in law, Shiva. The classic Indian texts, The Puranas, also tell us of a fire sacrifice held by Daksha, which led to terrible consequences. In this shortened version of the story, Daksha was a prajapati (Lord of the people) and the father of Sati. Sati was the first wife of Lord Shiva. Daksha was at odds with his son-in-law Shiva. Daksha ought to have appreciated what a

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