Yoga - A Medical Analysis

The following is excerpted from the wonderful 'Iyengar, The Yoga Master: Essays and Appreciations'. In this book, many students share their experiences having spent time under the tutelage of B.K.S Iyengar. One of them Dr. Krishna Raman, was a graduate in Medicine from Madras Medical College, Chennai in India. Dr Raman has spent much of his life researching the clinical and medical benefits of hatha yoga. As I have explained many times to our Teacher Trainee students, the modern way to approach standing and balancing poses (take triangle and warrior 3 for examples) is with a bend in the front or balancing leg. The theory being that this is 'safer'. Even though there is no actual research to

Ahimsa - More than Absence of Violence

Excerpted from the complete works of Swami Vivekananda - San Francisco 1900 "The test of Ahimsa is absence of jealousy. Any man may do a good deed or make a good gift on the spur of the moment or under the pressure of some superstition or priestcraft; but the real lover of mankind is he who is jealous of none. The so-called great men of the world may all be seen to become jealous of each other for a small name, for a little fame, and for a few bits of gold. So long as this jealousy exists in a heart, it is far away from the perfection of Ahimsa. The cow does not eat meat, nor does the sheep. Are they great Yogis, great non-injurers (Ahimsakas)? Any fool may abstain from eating this or that;

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