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As featured in OM Yoga Magazine

A key pose in yoga, Triangle provides a great stretch for the hamstrings and the chest and the shoulders


  • Stretches the hamstrings.

  • Works the intricate foot muscles so you don’t end up in splits!

  • Stretches the chest and shoulders.

  • Works the core muscles.

Common Mistakes

  • Holding your breath throughout the time spent in the pose.

  • Allowing the head to drop towards the ground.

  • Not using a block if your hamstrings are feeling tight.

  • Assuming there is only one way to do this pose. Experiment with the pose so that Triangle accommodates your body. Not the other way around.


  • Breathe! We get into a horrible habit of holding our breath when we do yoga poses. Imagine you are not posing on Instagram and suddenly you will find yourself breathing.

  • Bend the front knee if the long stance is too aggressive for your hamstring. Having a bent knee doesn’t mean you can’t do the pose. It means you are listening to the instinct of your body.

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