Hanuman Splits - A Leap of Faith

One of the outstanding figures that enters the holy pages of Ramayana, and strides across like a colossus, is the monkey warrior Hanumān. "Hanumān was a great worshipper of the Lord Rāma. Just as the Christians worship Christ as the incarnation of God, so the Hindus worship many incarnations of God. According to the Hindu tradition, God came nine times in India and will come once more. When he came as Rāma, Hanumān was his great worshipper." (Vivekananda 1900) The Lord Rāma and his angelic wife Sita, accompanied by his loyal brother Lakshman are travelling having been exiled from their kingdom for 14 years. During this time amongst much confusion, Sita is abducted by the demon King Ravana Be

Posture Clinic - Warrior 3

The key to Warrior 3 is not in your hip, or your knee; the pose begins with the placement of the standing foot. If you allow the inside arch of your foot to collapse, you will instinctively bend your knee and use various parts of your body to compensate for the lack of balance. The knee joint will no longer be stable and that creates a chain of events within your body. Before you start Warrior 3, come onto the outside of your foot. Use all your toes and grip into the ground. Now straighten the standing leg. Use the muscles just above the knee to straighten the leg. This is the foundation to each and every standing pose. Very much like a house, if the foundation is compromised, so is the rest

Posture Clinic - Warrior 2

"When in the Warrior Pose with arms extended, you can see the fingers of your hand in front of you, but you can also feel them. You can sense their position and their extension right to the tips of your fingers. You can also sense the placement of your back leg and tell whether it is straight or not without looking back or in a mirror. You must observe and correct the body position (adjusting it from both sides) with the help of the trillions of eyes that you have in the form of cells. This is how you begin to bring awareness to your body and fuse the intelligence of brain and brawn. This intelligence should exist everywhere in your body and throughout the asana. The moment you lose the feel

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