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yoga - madness or meditation?

Zahir Akram's new book.
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Yoga - Madness or Meditation?
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"Just because something is 'yogic' or part of the Indian culture does not mean that you, as a yoga student, have to accept it or agree with it and believe it to be true. You have your own judgement, your own mind, your own conviction, your own faith and your own rationale. Do not insult your own intelligence and your own authentic self by assuming that everything that has the label “yoga” on it has to be authentic or true". 


This is not another airy fairy book on Yoga. That has been done over and over again. Zahir attempts to demystify yoga and help the student better understand the vast complexities of this ancient system. Some of Zahir's views will offend delicate 'yogis' and chakra cleansers and teachers who say "the knee shall never travel over the toe", but at the same time this book will offer valuable illumination on the subject of 'yoga'. What exactly is yoga?

Zahir says that Yoga is either Madness or Meditation. This all depends on a state of mind.


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Yoga madness or meditation review

Q - After I read the book, I was still very confused on the subject of Yoga.

Zahir - That is the point. I haven't really given you any answers. I hope I have just given you the courage to think more for yourself. Remember most of what I am saying in this book is my opinion. I want to share my opinion with you so that you have a different viewpoint. Most yoga books regurgitate the same thing. I am trying to offer you a critical view of that. I am not saying you should agree with me at all. I imagine there are many people who wont agree with me or even like what I have to say. But that is ok. They are entitled to their opinions in the same way I am entitled to mine. 

My hope with this book is essentially to empower you to think outside the box when it comes to the tradition of yoga. Think outside the box and think for yourself.

Q - I imagine it may take more than one read.

Zahir - Absolutely. I know someone who has been critical of my book and based on the questions I asked this person, it became clear that they probably stopped half way through and perhaps only skimmed through what they did read. A good book for me has to be read a few times especially with the way I have intentionally played on words throughout (perhaps I was trying to be too clever!). I implore you to read the book for yourself and allow yourself to question what you have been told about yoga and yoga traditions in the past.

Q - I wish to write a non-fiction book one day too. Any advice?

Zahir - Yes. Be courageous. It isn't easy especially in this modern-day negative review culture. It can be crushing when anyone with fingers these days is a critic and thinks they have the right to say what they like. Your first book won't be perfect (nor is mine) and not everyone will like what you have to say especially when it is non-fiction. But you cannot please everyone and not everyone is going to like you. That is life. So be courageous and follow your heart. When you look back at your life, the opinions of these people will not matter.

Have the heart to speak from your heart.

"If a book isn’t at least somewhat polarizing, it didn’t say anything of value".

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Yoga - Madness or Meditation | Book
Yoga - Madness or Meditation | Book

on Amazon

"There are so many subtle jokes and references in this book. I play on words a lot, yet this seems to have gone over some people's heads. Either they are just skimming through and not really reading the book or, I am just not as funny as I think I am!."
- Zahir Akram

Zahir Akram - Personal Trainer | Author of Madness or Meditation
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