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Yoga Teachers should be guided by Science. And NOTHING else.

As yoga teachers we have a responsibility to the students who spend their hard earned money on the service we provide. Can we really support (with science) the ancient yogic claims that so many teachers make in yoga classes? 🙄🤷🏾‍♂️ . The world of Yoga is lost in ignorance 😟. So called Yogi's and yoga teachers are lost in a jungle of empty words, imaginary notions and baseless philosophies.

I once heard that for man to truly evolve, man must drop all philosophy. . Yoga philosophy is nothing more than an expression of man's arrogance 🧐 (& ignorance). Most of the YOGA philosophy we have come to read about and understand is abstract, empty and utterly meaningless. . The Sufi's say - "Drop ALL philosophies. Let your eyes 👀 be empty, empty of all. Only those empty eyes will see the truth".

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