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Hi, I’m Zahir

Certified Fitness Trainer and Personal Coach

Age - 42

Status - Devoted dad and husband

Philosophy - Anyone can get in shape. Anyone can get 'ripped'. It all comes down to how much that person really wants it and how much belief they have in themselves.

I started my journey into the madness of the fitness world 16 years ago. Once qualified as a Personal Trainer, I was a little disheartened at the lack of quality learning I was provided with. I had heard that the UK was years behind the US in terms of Sports Science and Fitness so after much research (via Jeeves!) I studied with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) based in the states. I also studied further with ISSA and NESTA. All highly regarded institutes (again US-based) where the training was super intense but outstanding in its curriculum and content

Over the past decade, I have seen the fitness industry change from a highly regarded profession, to something of a joke. 'Back in the day' (sounded all of my 41 years of age!) we had to study intensely and you were in no way guaranteed a qualification. Just last month, my client sent me a link to a Groupon Voucher where you could become a Personal Trainer in 4 weeks (100% pass rate) for £19.99. I wasn't even surprised. The sad thing is, who suffers due to this influx of poorly trained 'personal trainers'? You the prospective client.
I have always said that I would never send my mum to a gym. Firstly, fitness instructors who walk the floor are under instructions to sell and those who are willing to help, are so poorly qualified, my mum would end up in a worse state than when she arrived. I have seen scenarios like this for years. Poorly trained 'PT's' who are only interested in checking their phones than training clients. When they are training clients, they seem to only want to impress their fellow trainers with this 'new' exercise they have you doing. When I see this, I cannot help but cringe and many times I have stepped in and intervened! It is none of my business for sure. BUT, I got into this industry because I wanted to help people get better, move better and feel better. I think what if that is someone's mum? What if that was my mum? If it was my mum I want someone to show integrity and intervene and tell the client that what they are doing is wrong and will cause them more harm than good.

Not all P.T's are bad for sure. Just many. In my opinion. Over time, it gets harder and harder to know who to trust and who to give your hard-earned money too.
So how am I any different?  
I have been doing this a very long time. I appreciate that experience isn't everything as I see many P.T's who are still stuck in the 90's and haven't continued to develop themselves. I was always aware of the changing landscape of personal training so I continued my education and worked hard to better understand the vast complexities of the human body. Some of the additional qualifications I have gained include; 'Corrective Exercise Training with the NASM'. Advanced Personal Training with NESTA. Anatomy & Physiology Level 4. Sports Injuries and Sports Biomechanics with NESTA. I also qualified as a Yoga Teacher and am currently studying for a degree in Osteopathy. All of this additional training, years of experience and my continued interest in the science of fitness make me the trainer/coach that I am today.

Whatever your goal is, however vain it may appear to someone else, who cares. Whatever your goal is, I will work wholeheartedly to make this happen. For you to achieve your goal and get into the best shape of your life - I will believe in you completely. All I ask in return is that you believe in me and most importantly, you believe in yourself.

New Customers
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The Methadology

The early sessions are all based on assessment. For me to prescribe the best exercised routine/programme for you, I have to be certain of your movement capacity and movement potential. For example, I won't ask you to do a Barbell Deadlift on day 1 without first assessing your overall mobility as well as your bodies ability to engage it's 'core'. Failure to properly assess will result in you hurting yourself. If you don't have the correct movement (perhaps due to injury), we take a few steps back and build you up to do a deadlift. Your body needs to be mobile enough and durable enough to perform a deadlift. 

Everything we do is about making you strong, durable and with good mobility. Whatever your goal is, lose weight, shape up, tone etc is irrelevant at first. We first work out what your body can do (and can't do YET!), then we work on technique. Once the technique is understood, we apply scientific principles as well as my years of experience, to design you a programme that if followed correctly, will completely change your life. It will totally change how you feel about yourself.


My own interest in 'working out' with weights started pretty late. I was around 26 when I realised I was no longer lean and athletic. Office work had caught up with me and my bad back was slowly causing havoc. 

I started lifting weights as most young men do with little idea of what I was doing and how to progress. I had no idea if what I was doing was even working. It was chest and biceps every day!

At that time there was no youtube and not many P.T's around. So I decided to study for myself and learn about the science of fitness. How exactly do muscles grow? How many sets and reps etc are optimum? This enquiry and understanding are what I wish to share with you today. 


More About Me

Favourite TV Show

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Favourite Past Time


Rough & Tumble with my baby

Favourite Book

Favourite Food

Favourite Historical Personality

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'Until You Die', Talks on the Sufi Way -Osho

Indian Food

Anything cooked at my Mum's house

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Favourite Exercise

Zahir Akram Personal Trainer

The T-Bar Row

Favourite Sporting Moment

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Favourite Cheat Meal

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Peanut Butter & Chocolate Spread on Toast


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Although they appear contradictory. Yoga has always complimented my gym work. I have found a sense of physical balance through yoga and only wished I had done more yoga at a younger age. I will definitely be asking my little Zachary to join us in some yoga when he is old enough.

Working out with weights has unique mental benefits that you cannot replace anywhere else. Yoga is the same. They are both unique in how they train the body and mind and people often find themselves muddled as they navigate between the two. I find that lifting and yoga perfectly complement my body. For me, they are like the yin and yang symbol. They are not polar, but perfectly complementary.

To reach Zahir, for training enquiries or any other matter, email us and Zahir will personally get back to you as soon as possible.

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The Old Barclays Bank

157 Station Road,

Addlestone, (near Weybridge),


KT15 2AT


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Akram Hot Yoga 2018, Stretched into position by Dan James

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