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Yoga Instructors Near Me

Try Akram Yoga if you’re looking for a yoga instructor near you

Whether you are brand new to yoga or are looking to get back into the swing of things, finding the right instructor is key. The right instructor should lead the class confidently, all the while helping to make sure each student feels confident and happy along their yoga journey. What’s more, we believe here at Akram Yoga that each student should feel as though they can ask their yogi anything and have complete trust when learning yoga.

Our classes

Alongside our friendly and experienced yoga instructors, we do our best to make sure each lesson a valuable one, so you get the most out of your investment. We have a range of classes to suit each level of experience, and you’ll get the added benefit of sharing your yoga experience with likeminded individuals.

Book today

If you’d like to learn more about our classes or more about our fantastic studio, take a look around our website today. To move forward with some classes, make sure to book now to avoid disappointment. Call us on 07427 412845 or drop us an email at

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Booking your class at our studio couldn't be any easier. View our price list and select an option to purchase. 


If you don't have time to book, don't worry. Just turn up and we will find you a mat.


157 Station Road,

Addlestone, (near Weybridge),


KT15 2AT


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07427 412845


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Akram Hot Yoga 2018, Stretched into position by Dan James

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