The Sāmkhya Philosophy

May 23, 2017

There are six major philosophical views in India. Think of it as an object, which can be viewed in six different ways. The ancient Indians believed 'Knowledge' and 'Life' can be seen in six different perspectives.


One of these, the Sāṃkhya Philosophy, translates as “Theory of Numbers or Enumeration” and speaks of the subtle principle of energies that govern the universe and all the living entities. Sāṃkhya philosophy regards the universe as consisting of two realities; puruṣa (spirit, consciousness) and prakṛti (the material world, nature, matter, physical and psychological character). One way to look at the concept of puruṣa and prakṛtii is to view this as Shiva (puruṣa) and Shakti (prakṛti).


Creation of the universe originates within the divine love between puruṣa and prakṛti, or Śhiva and Shakti and their desire to manifest that love.