Principle of Adaption

February 12, 2018

The kinetic chain (nervous, muscular and skeletal system) seeks to maintain a state of physiological balance. Also known as homeostasis. To do this, the body must be able to adapt to the physical stresses placed on it. This ability to adapt to 'stress' is known as the general adaption syndrome. This general pattern of adaption was brought forth by Hans Seyle who showed the kinetic chain responds and then adapts to the stresses placed on it. To respond, however, the body must be confronted with a stressor that warrants a response. In yoga, the body will respond initially to a new pose with caution and then over time the body will adapt to this pose. It will then continue to adapt if the body is "pushed further" in the pose. 



The body responds at first in what is known as the 'alarm reaction' stage. The yoga poses stresses the body increasing oxygen and blood supply to the necessary areas of the body. There is no real 'change' at this stage. The bo