Sun Salutation Anatomy Part 3

April 24, 2017

As per the previous two blogs on the sun salutation (geared towards the current teacher trainees), the anatomy behind the various poses is vast and often very confusing. So in this series of blogs I am giving you a very basic anatomical breakdown of the sun salutation.



From Ashtang Namaskar we lift up into upward facing dog. 



From Ashtang Namaskar you lower the hips down and flatten the body down to the ground. The feet are kept together or one foot apart (Iyengar has them one foot apart), the calf muscles contract to point the toes away taking the ankle into plantarflexion. The quadriceps contract to straighten the legs (extension). Next the palms press into the ground lifting the torso off the ground. The erector spinae muscles contract to extend the spine stretching the anterior portion of the trunk, the psoas and the abdominals. The glute max and minimus contract to extend the hips str