Meditation Technique

March 27, 2017

The visualisation of space, and the importance of this during your meditation.


Briefly explained by Osho Rajneesh as part of his commentary on the Vijnanbhairava Tantra.



"Space has no beginning, no end. And that space is absolutely soundless. There is nothing — not even a sound vibrating, not even a ripple. Everything is still".


"That point is just within you. Any moment you can enter it. If you have the courage to be supportless, this very moment you can enter it. The door is open. The invitation is for all, all and everyone. But courage is needed; courage to be alone, courage to be empty, courage to dissolve and melt, courage to die. And if you can die within to your inner space, you will attain to the life which never dies, you will attain to AMRIT, to immortality".