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Posture Clinic - Warrior 2

"When in the Warrior Pose with arms extended, you can see the fingers of your hand in front of you, but you can also feel them. You can sense their position and their extension right to the tips of your fingers. You can also sense the placement of your back leg and tell whether it is straight or not without looking back or in a mirror. You must observe and correct the body position (adjusting it from both sides) with the help of the trillions of eyes that you have in the form of cells. This is how you begin to bring awareness to your body and fuse the intelligence of brain and brawn. This intelligence should exist everywhere in your body and throughout the asana. The moment you lose the feeling in the skin, the asana becomes dull and the flow or current of the intelligence is lost" - Light on Life, B.K.S. Iyengar

Correcting yourself:

Do not allow the torso to move or tilt forwards. To guard against this, make sure your right armpit (looking at the image above) and your right hip are in a straight line.

Aim for your front thigh to be parallel to the floor and keep your shin perpendicular to the floor, in line with your front heel.

Focus: Turn the front thigh out at all times when in the pose. Do not let the knee fall inwards.

When your body is balanced and aligned in Warrior 2, you will feel an even distribution of weight. Your spine will not shift forward or backwards, but be in perfect equilibrium. The muscles will stop contracting and gripping onto your body. You should find that any tension, pain or tightness in your front leg disappears. You will feel light and balanced.

According to Gandhi; "Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will". Embody the spirit of a warrior and find a feeling of victory in this pose.

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