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Posture Clinic - Warrior 1


Flex the front knee till the front thigh is parallel to the floor and the front shin perpendicular to the floor, forming a right angle between the front thigh and the calf. The bent knee should not extend beyond the ankle, but should be in line with the heel.

Stretch out the back leg and tighten the thigh muscles just above the knee.

The face, chest and front knee should face the same way as the front foot, as illustrated.

Throw the head up, stretch the spine from the base of the spine and gaze at the joined palms.

Excerpted from Light on Yoga - B.K.S Iyengar.

Foot Position:

The foot position is the foundation of the pose. Imagine your back foot is glued to your mat and do not lift the heel of the back foot.


1) Work from the back foot first then bend into the front knee. Getting the front thigh parallel to the floor will require a certain degree of flexibility so do not be disheartened if you cannot get the thigh as far down as you would like. Go only as far as you can stopping just before your back heel starts to lift off the ground.

2) Stretch constantly in the pose and reach high towards the ceiling fighting gravity.

3) Pull your abdominals in gently to support and stabilise the lower back.

What NOT to do.

1) Hold your breath 😉

2) Shorten your stance.

If your stance is too short, you will feel your knee travelling too far forward. This can cause unnecessary pressure on the knee joint.

3) Tense your neck muscles.

The muscles in the front part of your neck should stretch and not tense. So allow your head to relax. Let the head drop back comfortably and gaze to your thumbs.

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