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“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”


This 'intermediate' plan is perfect for those who have been lifting for some time and have developed a base level strength and muscle memory. In this 12-week plan, we split the body into 3 distinct days with a rest day (or two) between each 3 day cycle. As always, your lifestyle and commitments will dictate rest days so the programme is perfectly adaptable.

Most of the exercises do require that base level of strength that you would already have. Without that you are likely to cause yourself more harm than good. Its imperative as a lifter that you follow a systematic approach and don't just follow the trends before your body has had a chance to mold and adapt to the more basic movements.

As with all my workouts, Nutrition is absolutely key. The accompanying nutritional plan will guide you so you can get the best out of your workout.

The way out of this maze of confusion is to follow a very specific format that is based on science and research. The thousands of hours of research will tell us exactly how to train and how to achieve the body we desire. This 12-week programme is available for you. All you have to do is follow it and the accompanying guidance religiously. 

To achieve your goal of building lean muscle you also need something else that unfortunately I cannot help you with. It is plastered on my studio wall. The 3 words. You need to be Dedicated. Determined. And Driven.

If hand on heart you are all 3. How can you fail to achieve your goal?

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”
― Isaac Asimov


New Customers

"I genuinely believe that anyone can get into shape. Anyone can have the body they desire (limited only by genetics!). All people need is belief. They have to believe in themselves and believe in their goal. If they are determined and have the right character, following my programme will totally change their lives."

"Nothing feels better than the feeling of being strong and being 'in shape'."

"Having Muscles doesn't create Arrogance. It creates confidence."



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If you don't have time to book, don't worry. Just turn up and we will find you a mat.


The Old Barclays Bank

157 Station Road,

Addlestone, (near Weybridge),


KT15 2AT


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Akram Hot Yoga 2018, Stretched into position by Dan James

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