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what is barre?

A Barre class is a workout technique inspired by elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates. It focuses on low-impact, high-intensity movements designed to strengthen the body in ways that few other workouts can

In addition to building strength, this full-body workout also develops agility and flexibility. Sections of the class are also paired with stretching to increase overall flexibility. So if you struggle with how to become more flexible, barre class is a great choice.

Benefits Of Barre Workouts (excerpted from Women's Health magazine).

  1. Increased flexibility. Borrowing from ballet and all the flexibility that dancers need, barre classes can help improve flexibility.

  2. Increased muscle strength. Any form of resistance training—callisthenics, weight lifting, and barre—will increase muscle tone. And because so many of the moves you'll work through in class hit your abs, you can bet you'll sculpt a stronger, more defined core.

  3. Improved endurance. Barre workouts are all about endurance, form, and repetition. You hold positions for a long time and exhaust reps, but with minimal weight. Because you are spending a good amount of time in each shape to really wear out the muscles, you also can truly feel what part of your body you are supposed to be activating and strengthening.

  4. They're gentle on joints. Barre classes are low-impact, which can reduce the risk of injury and help if you are injured. Many people are working with injuries and still want a solid physical challenge without feeling like they have to modify everything. Barre is low-impact because there is no jumping whatsoever in a traditional barre workout.

  5. Better posture. So many of the moves in a barre class also target your abs and core. So not only can you work toward a stronger, more defined core, you’ll also be gaining solid strength to improve your posture, balance, and overall agility.

  6. Great for cross training. You don't have to go all in on barre to feel the effects. Even if your primary focus is on getting ready for a race, barre class can be a great form of cross training to maintain strength and well-rounded fitness.

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